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Shelley Lewin

{ Dedicated to the understanding and development of intra-personal and interpersonal relationships }
Shelley Lewin

Hi, I am Shelley Lewin 'The Relationship Architect'. I am in the business of personal and professional development.

As an internationally accredited ICF-PCC coach, experienced counsellor and facilitator I design customized processes for thriving in life. I assist clients to bypass grief, misery and burnout by becoming the architect in their lives

My specialty is in constructing and restoring healthy relationships in pairs, teams and/or groups

My intention is to encourage everyone to live life more deliberately. [....]


    Enabling you to become the person you need to be, to have the things you want to have


    Unpacking the inventory of your beliefs. Exploring strengths and untapped potential

  • Increase awareness

    Uncovering blind spots and obstacles of progress. Closing development gaps.

  • Carity

    Identifing problem patterns of behavior, strategizing and moving you forward in a direction you want to go

Coaching & Facilitation

{ What would you like to think differently about? To change, develop or improve? }

I want to develop personally – to become unstuck and move forward; to transform or make progress in my life


I want solutions for a struggling relationship – to increase connectedness and intimacy with my partner


I want to become empowered, be discerning in choosing my best match and create a healthy and meaningful relationship.


I want to maximize the potential in my staff, improve relationships, optimize performance and manage conflict


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